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This picture is magnificently well done! The texture, shading, lighting, and the color of choice blends in very well. The coolest thing...

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I was trying out my new drawing tablet with a new PC(my old one didn't have enough space for the drawing program I was using AND the drawing tablet...why TvT) and as you can see I was going ALL OUT XDDD

I instantly thought that drawing digitally with a tablet would be difficult, but once you get used to it feels like drawing on a piece of paper! So I'm FINALLY happy that this is off to a great start! Now all I need is to get Photoshop XD

Program used: Corel Painter essentials 5(art program) and Huion(tablet)
The Things That I Do For You Guys!!
Kate: "Pfft!"

I love these people, even if they drive me crazy <3 I tried my best to make Michael's play room look somewhat similar and how I pictured it the last time we all hung out at his place to watch the Ghibli Studios movie "Princess Monokoe"(for their 15th anniversary ^-^)
And what happened was that Jacob "teased" me to sit on Brendan's lap who SO HAPPENS to be my crush. My face was red like a tomato and almost everyone laughed at the silliness and my shyness >////////<
And that is why I think Jacob as the troll in the group XD

Tell Me a Joke..
Brendan, I would love to tell you a joke right now, but I can't think straight when you are SO DANG CLOSE TO MEH >////////<
And that you...kinda said it like you want me to stay close to you or something. IT MAY BE JUST MY ILLUSTIONATION IDEK XDD

First drawing of 2017! Hope you guys had a wonderful New Year's Eve!
Sichael(Syd X Michael) - Chin's Kin(MLP Base)
Now if only Michael can man up and kiss her on the cheek or the forehead XD


MLP Base:…
Base made by:…
Chapter Four - Alternate Universe

 As the two girls Momo and Bean are moving from one side to another from all the energy balls being throwned by the warrior that is now behind them, the view of this portal looked like a reddish wormhole that could suck anything in harms way. Momo was in extreme pain from her right side of her wing while her little sister had to hold onto Momo's gray jacket that was covering her black pajama shirt. "Where are we going?!" Screamed Bean through the unbelievable sound of rushing wind that is blowing her brown hair rapidly. "I don't know," shouted Momo. She narrowed her eyes as she tried flying and passing all the energy beams that the warrior summoned. Unfortunately, the warrior had enough of this foolish thing. "I've played with you long enough," he muttered under his breath. He used his instant transmission to transport in front of the girls and without warning summoned an energy beam at Momo on the chest. "Oof!" Momo grunted at the wound as Bean held on tightly. Just before he could make a move, a gateway was opened and there stood a big hole showing the entrance out of the portal. As Momo and Bean were now close to the exit, the warrior flew behind Momo and with a tight grip on her injured wing, he moved from the tips to the base of the wing, hearing a very loud cry of shearing pain. "Stop it!" Shouted Bean. But he ignored her and continued his earlier action. Bean glared angrily at him and kicked his face with her foot. And seconds later, the two girls were out of the portal gate and now inside a forest. Bean couldn't hold onto the sweater of her sister and her hands quickly gave up and she fell and tumbled onto the grassy grounds with a thump while Momo was knocked out from the more extreme pain continued farther north until there was a loud crash. Coco quickly sat up and rubbed her bruised head. "Momo!!" She cried out her sister's name. Just then, a big ball of energy was thrown to a tree that was close to Bean. She squeaked in surprise and started running to the direction to where her older sister could be. "Come back here you stupid brat!!" Shouted the man. Coco kept running and running and running as fast as she could until her little feet were tired of all the running and sprinting and jumping. Bean stopped and panted as she placed her hands on her knees. "Dang, how long have been running?" She panted. Just then, she felt a strange amount of pressure on her neck as she was lifted off the ground. "L-Let me go!!" She shouted as she struggled. "Play time is over, kiddo," Said the man with an evil smirk on his face. He lifted his free hand and began to summon a blue energy beam. Bean could sense the power and quickly shut her eyes in fear. 'It's all over,' she thought. Suddenly, a sound of someone yelling out a word pierces her ears. "KAMEHAMEHA!!!" A big burst of blue light was seen from a distance and the man turned his head and seeing his scouter now beeping like crazy. He was so shocked that he didn't noticed that he let go of his hold on Bean's neck. The man cried in pain as the beam of light hit him hard and made him flew over to a huge tree, which by now had been sliced in half by the amount of force that the warrior took. Bean laid on the ground on her side, holding her neck with her hands as she began to cough loudly. "Are you okay?" Bean turned her head and a squeak came out of her mouth as another man was seen before her now sittig on a floating orange cloud. "Oh, I didn't mean to scare you," he said nervously while rubbing the back of his head. Bean was still scared and unsettled and isn't sure if she should trust him or not. Even if this black-spiky-haired man saved her life. Bean slowly nodded her head, her pink cat ears and tail shinking downward in fright. "Hey, it's okay," the man assured Bean. "I won't hurt you." He gave her a huge grin which made Bean giggle of how goofy the grin is. "Where are you?!" Shouted the familiar voice. "Eep!" Bean quickly got up and hid behind the man's back as she hopped onto the cloud without hesitation. "Come on, I'll help you get away," he said to Bean. Before she would speak a word, the cloud quickly took off into the sky and flew away from the forest. "So, what's your name?" Asked the man. "You don't look like you're from around here, are you?" Bean shook her head. "I'm not," she replied with a shaky voice. "And my name is Bean. What about yours?" "I'm Goku," he replied. "Now how come you were in the woods?" "I wasn't," she explained. "Well, actually, we weren't, because I was with my older sister who is hurt really badly and I need to find her." A sound of rushing wind was heard from behind the two people. "What was that?!" Said Goku. Bean quickly shrugged her shoulders. "Found you!" Bean screamed again as she curled herself into a ball. "I thought I took care of him," Goku said to himself. He turned around and saw the warrior in a fight stance and began throwing multiple energy beams at Goku and Bean. Goku's onyx eyes widened and quickly blocked all of them with his hands. "Get behind me!" He told Bean. Bean quickly got up and ran quickly behind Goku. "Gr, you again," he growled. Bean poked her head from behind his back as she watched the event. So this Goku person knows this guy; are they like partners in crime or something?! No, she would have been demolished if Goku didn't save her in time. "What do you want," he said in a stern tone. The warrior who was bruised up laughed. "Oh, you know exactly what I want," said the man as he looked at the now shaking girl. Bean squeaked and hid herself more. Goku clenched his fists together. "You leave this poor kid alone!" He demanded the warrior. The warrior laughed again. "Well, since you won't give her to me," he said in a dark tone. Suddenly, he pulled out a device and pressed a button that sent two wires connecting to a sticky substance and began to shock Goku. "AAAAAAAAAAAHH!" Goku cried as the electricity hit him like bullet from a gun. Bean thankfully didn't get shocked but was even more of a terrified state than before. What the man used was none other than a tazor; one of the police back at home always carried it with them in case things went a bit much. But why of all the things would someone so cruel have that thing in their hands?! As Goku fell onto his knees on the cloud, Bean quickly crawled over to him and quickly pulled the wires out of his shoulders. "Goku, are you okay?!" She asked in a panic. "I'm fine," he said in a queery voice. "Wh-What just . . ." "Surprised, aren't you?" Said the man with the device in his hands still. "This was something even I didn't quite know up until now. It seems a bit useful." Bean looked at the warrior with glaring eyes that were bursting like flames from a fire. "YOU CHEAT!!" She shouted. "Oh, I know," he said. "But there wasn't a choice there now, was there?" He chuckled darkly as Goku growled at him. "Now, since the tow of you won't come with me," He lifted both his hands and slowly began to summon another beam. Goku tried to get up, but quickly fell down again because he was too weak and vulnerable to start fighting. "If only I had my Senzu beans with me," Goku said in a weak tone. "This wouldn't have been a problem." "Me too," squeaked Bean in terror. "Enjoy your days in Hell!" He shouted before he decided to throw the beam at them. But he wasn't even close into doing that when a swift and very loud crack was heard behind him. The man's mouth was slightly open as pain began to plow down his back while inside of him a piece of bone from his spine was chipped. "Hurt my sister," said a very stern female voice. "And you will be the one being sent to hell." With another hard punch on the back, the man let out a very painful cry that made Bean cover her ears from the loud scream that was piercing her eardrums. With a loud "Hyah!", the girl with wings kicked him back down onto the ground. Bean looked down on the ground, now obvious that the man that shocked Goku was now on the ground dead as stone then back up to the girl which she now knew was her older sister. Momo panted heavily as her hands were still clenched together while blood was still dripping on her right wing that is now broken severely. She began to feel weak and feeling her eyelids falling heavily. As she was knocked out cold, Bean grabbed her arm and pulled her onto the cloud. "What was that?" Bean could tell that the black-spiky-haired man was fully healed from the after shock. Momo let out a slight moan from her bruised lips as there were lots of bruises and scars and scratches along with torn up clothes. "Aah! Sis! You're hurt badly!" Shouted Bean. "Hm, hang on, I know someone that can help her," said Goku. Bean held her older sister close to her and the cloud moved swiftly across the tip of the forest and up to the sky.

       Back at the home world, and inside the lab, Will, Cade, and Macy were waiting in a single file line from side to side. "Professor M, what happened to Momo?" Asked Macymo with a hint of fright and worry. "That's why I called you all here today." The scientist replied to her question. "You see, your friend has been saving her littler sibling from a war from an alternate universe." The three teenagers had their mouths dropped to the floor with eyes widened. "WHAT?!" Shouted Cade with shock. "You mean Bean and Momo were taken away?!" "Not exactly," Professor M assured Cade. "Momo saved her sister from the man, but unfortunately while she was trying to get away, he purposely threw an energy beam at her right wing. Macy you probably know the results." Macymo nodded her head rapidly. "Well, I did asked her to come to the lab, but she refused and instead finish the job. Which lead to her and her sister heading inside the portal with the warrior in pursuit." He pulled out the four wrist bands. "Take the wrist bands. You will need them in the near future. And don't forget to give the green one to Missy Momo." He handed them to Will which he took them and putted them in his pockets. "So . . . why are we here?" Asked Will. The scientist looked down at Will. "You three teenagers are going on a rescue mission. After that, you will have to find the source on who was smart enough to gain access to a portal that heads into our world. Is that clear?" The three teens both nodded their heads. "Alright," said the scientist. "Your mission starts . . . now!" Just then he pulled out a button and pressed it making a blue colored portal appeared behind him. "Wait WHAT?!" Shouted the three teenagers. Professor M did a quick salute and stepped out of the way. The amount of force that was taken upon was unbelievably strong and was enough to make their feet lift off the ground and head for the opening of the portal. "I wish you travelers the best of luck!!" Shouted Professor M as he watched the three getting sucked into the portal and then closing it.
       Inside the portal, Will, Cade, and Macy were having trouble to stay completely calm after what just happened not too long ago. "I don't like this!" Shouted Macy as she began to feel herself going upside down and circling around. Will on the other hand had trouble trying to not stay upside down. "You guys act like this is new! It's like a videogame!" Shouted Cade from afar. "Cade! That's different! In fact, that's the opposite of different; it's insane!!" Shouted Will with disbelief. Cade rolled his eyes. "Come on, I can see the portal exit we're looking fo-!" Suddenly, something pushed Cade hard in the chest which made him let out a painful grunt and was pushed into a different exit that is the opposite of where the professor wanted them to go. "Cade!!" Shouted Will and Macy as they see him disappear into a different area. "What to do, what to do, what to do?!" Macy began to panick. "Don't worry," Will said to Macy, "It could be worse." Then, something grabbed Macy by her wolf tail and brutally thrown out of another different portal gateway. "Macy!" Cried Will. But before he could go after her, he was being pulled away quickly by the back of his yellow jacket and just like that, he let out a yell as he was thrown out of the portal and into his unknown doom . . .

//Oh no! What is going on?! Three of these teenagers have been thrown off course! Will they be able to find each other again before setting off to find Momo and Bean? And speaking of Momo and Bean, will the oldest sibling find the proper medical attention she needs for her right wing? And who did have the smarts to come up with a portal to actually walk into their home world? Find out next time in the next chapter! Coming soon~!//


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Why, hello there! I'm missymomo7, and welcome to my profile! In here, I do a lot of fan art from the people I've watched on YouTube. And not only that, but I also create my own characters from the things I recently enjoy, like Homestuck and Sonic the hedgehog. I do make comics too, but that's for a different time. So I hope you enjoy your browsing and I hope you become a very talented artist like me! Have a wonderful day XD


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